Pride of Meranis

Session 2: Tel-uia of Dire Island

It's an Elven Word!

In Attendance:
Gavin playing Vito Regalious
David playing Mana’ia Sefina La’akia
Lara playing Tully
Seb playing Verdurous Moonhorn
Brendan playing Ranulf


The session began with the party just as it had been at the end of last session. Verdurous was very wounded after the battle with the spotted catlike creatures, and they remained intending to go to Brondandeep. They hoped to then use Brondandeep tunnels to avoid some of the dangerous terrain of Dire Island as they continued to head towards the pirates on the north of the island

The party began the ascent through the hills that lead to the door to Brondandeep, lead as they were by Anvilfinder.

Along the way they came to ancient ruins which had strange stone creatures amongst the ruins. Verdurous began to detect the presence of celstials, fiends and the undead. He called out in celestial and the party soon came under attach from the creatures.

The creatures, and the environment, had ways of making the party disappear and find themselves in strange environments similar to their own but with significant differences. During this fight:

Various members of the party at different times encountered a dragon. Vito stole 10 platinum pieces from it but does not remember doing so.

Mana’ia encountered elves who used magic Mana’ia had not seen before to attack her.

Ranulf is not sure where he went first time, but he came back dirtied and wounded.

Tully was attacked by a giant birdlike creature and saved by Bearn the Tall, a hero of Vaanderskaarp who then gave her an Adamantium Dwarven axe.

The party ultimately triumphed but found a few oddities about these “holes in the world”. Anvilfinder and the creatures of Dire Island appeared completely unaffected by them and Verdurous seemed to have some resistance to them. In experimentation Mana’ia also went back to the magic elves and was attacked.

The party then made their way to Brondandeep and were ultimate welcomed by Lord Coeus Thorall. They drunk much Shroomtap and Ranulf told many stories.

Vito discovered Lord Coeus having disagreements with others within Brondandeep and got Ranulf to listen in and translate. It appeared that certain holders of keys were not going to allow the party to go through tunnels that lead out of Brondandeep to where they wanted to go.

Vito decided to try to steal a key. He was unsuccesful.

This lead to the party having to apologise; ultimately the evenings revelry came to a close and they were given a corner to sleep in

Lord Coeus, in the morning, offered them one way out. He had persuaded to the Holders of the Keys to allow the party to go through one of the tunnels that was closed largely due to the presence of what they called “The terror of the deep”.

Mana’ia thought this sounded great.

The party set off through the tunnels and the session ended with the telltale sound of the buzzing that herals the arrival of the Terror of the Deep



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