Pride of Meranis

Chapter 6: Devils Demons and Details

In Attendance:
Gavin playing Vito Regalious
David playing Mana’ia Sefina La’akia
Lara playing Tully
Seb playing Verdurous Moonhorn
Brendan playing Ranulf

The group began this session with some level of feedback to re-establish facts for players who were not physically present.

The party set off from Mernis Gul for Lahallas Gul, from where they would set off across Lahallam to reach Sedharis, to take the boat to Ryproka – carrying as they did a box from the Emperor of Merania to Dominar Regalious.

Whilst in Lahallas Gul at a grove there was a brief near altercation with a patrolling group of Meranian militia cavalry though Verdurous was able to smooth things over.

Along their journey they stopped in a village called Nashkhem at which, for various folklore reasons, they were given a plot of land because Mana’aia ripped a tree from the ground.

Further along near a village of Dryden they were attacked by Flaming Deamonic Centaurs. the party triumped in battle over them and some discussion was had over the fact that these seemed to be focused on Vito, who had been carrying the box, and also would have had to have been created by a dark Meranian ritual.

Upon reaching Dryden they were welcomed warmly but soon it became clear a charade was being pulled. Through various means many villagers drugged Aia and Verdurous (it had no effect on Ranulf) and proceeded to try to arrest them all. In the process Vito killed 2 guards and escaped with Tully helping and then setting a building on fire.

Not long after this Vedurous deteced the presence of a Demon in the basement.
Ranulf hid the box and returned to the party.

AS the session drew to a close the party stood together ready to face a mob of villagers, a Demon, all with depleted health, spells and options.



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